Acquiring 21st century skills with distance MBA Program Part 1

Acquiring 21st century skills with distance MBA Program Part 1

Observe the hiring trends. There is significant slowdown in the incremental mass hiring and focus is shifting to hiring specific critical business skills based on the changing market and client demands. Low level routine jobs like clerks, some entry level profiles are being replaced by automation and technology. We have recent news on companies like Infosys focus on recruitment of graduates from liberal arts rather than hiring more engineers to write code and maintain the IT infrastructure. According to the Economic times, there is a decisive shift observed in talent hiring areas in last 6 years since 2012. Now the roles which are in focus are robotic process automation, UX design, Cloud, Mobile Technology, Artificial intelligence, Big data/Analytics.

If one who is currently working in the industry aspires to shift and grow in the career, he/she has no option but to hone the skills which are relevant in 21st century.

Distance MBA in Data science/Machine learning/ Artificial intelligence

Data Science or machine learning is all about processing large amounts of data and deriving intelligence out of it.  To store and process information we will need different technologies such as databases and files.  Utilizing this data, a significant thing machine learning can do is ‘prediction’. Using machine learning, business can do better forecasts. A recommendation engine can be built using a machine learning algorithm which can recommend best suited products to your customers. With better recommendations, propensity to buy a particular product increases. In addition, this gives customers a personalized experience. Every business is looking for skills which can process large amount of data and derive strategies based on the insights. The profiles data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, big data engineer, big data analyst, machine learning expert are in demand.

Distance MBA in Data science/Machine learning/ Artificial intelligence are designed to give these in-demand skills. The program starts with foundation of statistics and mathematics. Before the data can be meaningfully analyzed, it needs to be cleaned and prepared. Technologies like databases, data ware house, big data Hadoop eco system, NoSQL databases like MongoDB are popular in this space. Cleaned up data is then used to train and build statistical models using various machine learning algorithms. These statistical models are used for prediction of the outcome for new input data. More advanced machine learning is called deep learning. It employs what is called a neural networks. A distance MBA program is typically designed to give overall knowledge of the technologies and tools in the space of data science. It also includes specific applications of data science or machine learning in domains like healthcare, finance, manufacturing and so on.

Distance MBA in Digital Marketing

Digital is the means of life.  Every company is aiming for automation and digitization.  We cannot imagine our day without Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos.  As customers are actively engaging on internet and social media, advertisers are focusing more attention on these platforms. Digital promotion is taking an important position in the development part of the overall advertising strategy.

Businesses are currently increasing focus to digital ways because it is much easier to track and monitor the budget spent on marketing.  Increasing importance of electronic strategies in marketing contributed rise to job profiles called digital marketing professionals.  There is a huge demand for people who are proficient in digital marketing techniques and tools. Many professionals that are working in the domain of sales and marketing started pursuing training programs to augment their skills.  With glamour of virtual world, brand new graduates started becoming attracted towards these courses.

Distance MBA in digital marketing focusses on two core components of the internet, search engines and social media platforms. There are optimization techniques to be getting ranked on the top of the first page of a search engine. Search engine marketing costs money directly in the bidding for the top position on a page whereas search engine optimization is a game of creating better and more relevant content to be on the top. There are other aspects like email marketing, mobile marketing, mobile app optimizations, marketing through videos, content marketing with blogs, articles, while papers etc. Digital marketing distance MBA would cover various tools and technologies that are popular today. It will also teach the participant how to create strategy to market a particular product or service. Digital marketing campaigns are designed with specific objectives in mind like creating brand awareness or generating leads. So, what kind of tools and techniques are appropriate for designing various campaigns based on their objectives is crucial.

Data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital marketing are some of the critical the 21st century job skills. Currently there is dearth of professionals possessing these skills. Hence it makes perfect sense to study these for someone who wants to take a leap in his/her career.

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