Beyond Search and Social media: distance MBA in digital marketing

Beyond Search and Social media: distance MBA in digital marketing

Companies are paying more close attention to digital ways of marketing because it is easier to track and monitor the spending and track return on investment. There are many tools and technologies which make this digital world of interactions. This includes social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc, e-mailing platforms, Website and mobile applications and so on. Any distance MBA program in digital marketing would cover many of these popular platforms and strategies to garner benefits from them. Though the actual course contents might differ from institution to institution, there are few common subjects those are critical for the digital marketer’s role.

There are many more tools and techniques beyond search engine and social media. Let us know them too.

Search Engines

For digital marketing search engines are very crucial component. Almost every time, our purchase cycle starts with search engines. We keep on searching many other related things like videos, comments, recommendations, reviews before we finalize our purchase decision.

While searching we seldom go to the next page. So staying on the top of the search page is very vital for any business or the product. All efforts towards reaching and staying put on the top of the first page of the most popular search engine. There are two different ways in which this can be achieved.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Search engine advertisement (PPC)

Social Media

This practice promotes your brand and your content on social media channels to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for your business. Social media also provides organic (free) and paid ways of creating campaigns. One is called Social Media Optimization (SMO) and other Social media marketing(SMM).

Search engines and social media are key. However, there are other strategies which can used to garner better ROI and reach along with search and social media. Let us delve into them.

Email marketing

Emails are used widely for interactions in the digital world. Almost all official communication is happening of emails. They can be used very effectively for reaching prospective and existing customers. The key point about email marketing is its cost. It is supposed to be one of the cheapest tools which can be used to convey your message directly into consumers own mailbox.

Email marketing strategy involves email subscribers, segmentation, drafting good emails, optimizing email campaigns, etc. Emails can be used as a very efficient tool to reinforce the brand recall. With regular value-added contents by email, the brand can remain on the top of the mind of the consumer. To make this task easy, there are email automation platforms like MailChimp, sendloop etc. which can be used to plan and monitor the email campaigns.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing technique primarily based on creating valuable content for your customers. It is about using the technology and tools to create the most engaging content for your target audience. The goal is to win new customers.

Content marketing program has components like blogs, articles, social media posts which are generally distributed without asking anything in return. There are premium specific content types like focused articles, tools, eBooks, white papers, etc. They are distributed only when the user is ready to share some of his basic information like email, contact number, etc. This is called opt-in. This database is important as it is of the users who are interested in reading about your product/service or technology. Hence chances of them getting converted to actual buyers are very high. Content marketing program employs strategies to nurture these users so that they can become buyers and stay with the brand for a longer duration.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile adoption is increasing like crazy. To tap this potential market, different marketing strategies are needed. Beyond marketing on website and search engines, there are specific optimization mechanism which are applied only to mobile phones. Search engine, as well as social media campaigns, can be designed to granularly address to a level of minutest detail like a version of a mobile phone and its hardware.

Free mobile apps is additional way of reaching the audience. Here once the person get hooked to your mobile app because of its simplicity and value delivered, he/she has a very rare chance to switch to a different vendor. Hence many companies are creating their free mobile apps.  Mobile App strategy includes mobile app engagement, targeting options and how to promote websites in mobile app etc.

Video Marketing

Engaging content is becoming the king. Rather than its text version, video is more engaging. With the increasing availability of bandwidth and drop in bandwidth prices, it is not surprising that video content consumption is doubling every year.

More often, buyers first look at the video and then decide which product to purchase. Video marketing is one of the key tool for marketing and driving customer engagement.

Marketing Automation

When you plan many campaigns through various different channels, it is going to be a nightmare to track them. There are many questions that need an answer for optimizing the budget spend. Which channel is giving me more customers, which channel is costing minimum per customer, which channel is completely ineffective in reaching the audience, which channel is suited for a type of customer segment and so on. To answer these questions manually is just not possible. There are automation tools to track all the marketing campaigns and generate reports which can help management understand the details and deploy the strategies in more efficient ways. Marketo, Hubspot are some of such platforms.

Distance MBA in Digital marketing would cover main components as SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM. This is not everything. There are many techniques which are to be used in tandem search engines and social media. They are content marketing, E-mail marketing, video marketing, and mobile marketing.

One of the key for being successfully digital marketer after completion of distance MBA program would be to be aware of the latest trends and keep on updating your knowledge.

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