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Approved / Recognized By : UGC
Approved / Recognized By : UGC

Alliance reimagines the idea of the university by creating a community that leads the charge against the complex challenges of the 21st century. The university conceives research to be the essence of all teaching and learning practices. A unity between research and teaching is promoted to extend the frontiers of knowledge in order to solve real world problems at the local, national, and global scale. For this purpose, the university seeks to be the nerve centre of interaction between the industry, the government, the civil society, and the community at large.

In times when technological and social change is transforming the very idea of employability, the university embraces the increasing diversity of specializations while retaining the impulse to unify all knowledge.

A designed convergence of the business, engineering, law and liberal arts units precipitates transdisciplinarity as the core academic philosophy.

Freely working across divergent streams of knowledge like public policy and data science, technology and law, physics and philosophy or businesses and rhetoric, transdisciplinarity nurtures a dynamic foundation for the spirit of collaboration, inquiry, and enterprise.

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The transformative qualities integral to Alliance Education has paved way for the University to be a pioneer in imparting sustainable knowledge, life-changing 21st-century skills like cognitive skills, including higher order skills such as critical thinking, systematic decision making, concept acquisition and effective communication to help students grow in every sphere of life. The university is the final haven for many of the top recruiters from different domains like finance, technology, engineering, marketing and advertising, management, accounting, human resources, ITs, education, start-ups, banking, FMGC, retail, pharma, hospitality, infrastructure, automobiles and many more.

Our world-class curriculum and faculty, industry partnerships, extracurricular activities leading to holistic development enables students to build necessary skills that make them valuable assets in any organization.  The hallmark of Alliance Education lies in its metamorphic abilities in preparing students to take the leap from the “Campus-to-the-Corporate” seamlessly, with able support from best-in-class corporate and faculty mentors.

Scholarship / Loan

Scholarships are offered to students across all programs. Merit scholarships based on National Entrance Exam Scores and Academic Results are announced by the Alliance Scholarship Committee.

Scholarships worth Rs. 6 Crores available for meritorious students.

Category-based scholarships are offered by the Registrar’s office on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scholarship Application Process

  • Eligible students of the MBA course may submit the Application Form for Scholarship in the prescribed format with original testimonials / documents / transcripts / marks cards etc.
  • Eligible students of the Undergraduate courses may submit the Application Form for Scholarship in the prescribed format with original testimonials / documents / transcripts / marks cards etc.
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