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Approved / Recognized By : BSI ANAB/IADL/BMA/NHRD
Approved / Recognized By : BSI ANAB/IADL/BMA/NHRD

Their corporate distance learning online programs give students the chance to study a broad curriculum from any location and acquire a higher professional degree in any industry using a fast track manner. Every student begins the program by enrolling in the required core courses in organizational development, personal growth, and management studies across diverse industries. Through its fast-track, brief length correspondence courses, IIBMS creates a road to early achievement in life. Professional programs include case studies and concepts that expose students to a wide range of pertinent management and business topics. By developing their underdeveloped abilities, productivity, and capacity to design business policies, business plans, and their implications for the success of any firm, this aids them in becoming “Skilled Managers” from the outset.

For those individuals who have a strong desire and interest to study a lot of information to gain in particular sectors, IIBMS has tailored corporate training courses so they can be highly qualified in a particular area and can advise everyone.

They extend an invitation to all professionals to assist our goal of creating a new framework of management experts that can take part in the development of the industrial, materialization, and globalization sectors.

The IIBMS is dedicated to playing a part in enhancing the skill pool currently engaged across a range of industries.


With the firm belief that the search of knowledge is the quest of highest value, impart management education to promote value-based universal education through our corporate training tailored programs.


IIBMS aspires to foster an environment that encourages fresh perspectives, research from top experts, and development of innovative surfaces.

The IIBMS is committed to providing top-notch management education via distant learning to people all around the world. On the basis of recent case studies, the program integrates cutting-edge academic knowledge with global competence. The mobility of learning anywhere, at any time, is a major advantage.

They encourage every student to take business professional tailored courses since it is our goal to develop exceptional business professionals who can serve our nation by being independent or “Atmanirbhar” in any sector.

Students who complete one of our accredited and approved programs may be sure that they have earned a credential that is respected both domestically and abroad, increasing their chances of finding employment.

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  • The application form should be delivered to the appropriate branch or scanned online along with the required paperwork and fees.
  • Once a course and specialization have been chosen, they cannot be altered or transferred. Only on the day of admission and during business hours can you change your course.
  • Once fees have been paid, they are never refundable or transferable.
  • Checks are accepted pending realization.
  • False information provided by the applicant will prevent admission to the institute and result in appropriate sanctions.
  • Course & Fees are valid from the date of enrolment through the course’s maximum duration.
  • If there are any legal conflicts, only Mumbai City will have jurisdiction.
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