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Approved / Recognized By : UGC, NAAC
Approved / Recognized By : UGC, NAAC

Dr. Chenraj Roychand is the founder of JAIN Online, which is the e-learning platform of JAIN (deemed-to-be-university) in Bengaluru. Dr. Roychand is a visionary with a conviction that education is a superpower, which has the capacity to modify our lives and the future of India. This online university works as a wing of JAIN Group. For the past 30 years, this Group has been working as an established education provider and entrepreneurship incubator. In accordance with its vision, JAIN Online looks at sports, research, entrepreneurship and education with the same importance. This entices a very large number of students from different corners of the world to come to JAIN Online and participate in higher education.

Throughout the world, online degree courses are rising in fame. This is because students can complete their higher education while being in the comfortable environment of their residences without any lessening in the quality of education or its impact on their careers.

This online university makes continuous efforts to offer its students the most-advanced knowledge and skills in varied domains in the industry, which helps in the efficient design of their professional lives. Its courses are suitable to students of different career aims and proficiency levels. The university guides learners along the most convenient and efficient route to attaining their goals in their profession. The academic courses of this university are the optimum upskilling way for experienced professionals and novel learners.

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The career advancement services team works tirelessly to connect our students with the right job opportunities. Our years of experience in training, networking and human resourcing skills helps our students find exciting and challenging job opportunities. Our students get placements in reputed companies through a structured framework.

Scholarship / Loan

JAIN Online has commenced assuring students of the best-possible price for varied degree programs and electives in the online mode. It believes that scholarships are a significant resource for degree learners. Scholarships provide support, recognition and fiscal help for learners to manifest their educational dreams.

Ways in which scholarships benefit degree learners

Financial relief:

While students are pursuing higher education, scholarships lessen the monetary burden and facilitate students to concentrate on academics and personal growth.

Confidence booster:

When a student is bestowed a scholarship, it is an assurance of faith in the abilities of the student, which enhances the self-respect of the student and promotes a robust feeling of accomplishment.

Scholarships for learners sponsored by the Government

JAIN Online renders online certification and degree courses for students who are sponsored by the Government. To make this possible, the university collaborates with the Ministry of Education. Presently, it offers scholarships to learners as per the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL). This is an initiative of the Government of Guyana, which has its focus to promote education in their nation through distance and online learning.

The scholarship application process

To apply for JAIN Online’s scholarship, all online degree aspirants should follow the below procedure:

  1. Registration: The aspirant should create an account. For this, it is essential to furnish essential data, such as the name, email ID and other details that are essential for the registration.
  2. Email verification: Post-registration, the aspirant gets an email, which includes the verification link. The aspirant should click this link for confirmation of the email ID and account activation.
  3. Online Application form filling: Post-account activation, the aspirant should access the online application form and enter pertinent and factual data on the form.
  4. Registration fee payment: While the registration process is in progress, the amount of the fee and the payment methods are revealed. Only after payment of the registration fee, the aspirant secures a position in the scholarship program.
  5. Offer of a scholarship on the program fees: If the aspirant fulfills all conditions for the scholarship and the university awards the scholarship, the scholarship amount is deducted from the program fees, and the financial burden of the program fees on the aspirant is lessened.

When online degree learners get scholarships, this opens up the doors to infinite possibilities thereby making it easier for learners to reach the pinnacle of academics without being restricted by monetary burdens.

These scholarships are for many disciplines. Learners can pursue higher education in their fields they are passionate about and generate a considerable impact in these fields.

By means of scholarships, the university identifies and endorses students having talent. So, these scholarships are not only financial assistance but also catalysts for personal growth and academic excellence.

Every online degree student should explore this opportunity and assess their potential. Through this process, they can set sail on a voyage of achievement, innovation and discovery.

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