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Tamil Nadu
Approved / Recognized By : UGC/ AICTE
Tamil Nadu
Approved / Recognized By : UGC/ AICTE

Distance education is an important part of higher education because it gives people who don’t have access to standard classroom learning the same chances to learn. The Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) at SRM IST has a lot of potential to become a top source of knowledge and skill development that can improve learning and help people learn for the rest of their lives. The programs have been made to help people get jobs and be relevant to the business. The learners would be able to choose from a variety of ways to learn, such as self-learning tools, face-to-face counseling, and resources on the Internet. Here are some things that DDE under SRM IST can do:

  • Sourcing knowledge from different quarters including industries.
  • Technology-based delivery systems that ensure greater participation from students.
  • Priority given to skill- development wherever possible.
  • Providing quality education by combining the best practices available in both on-campus and distance education models.
  • Scientific and objective evaluation system establishing credibility and standing for SRM IST Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates.
  • Online mentoring by industry practitioners and professionals wherever possible.
  • Content development teams leveraging scientific methods in the development of learning/reference materials and practices to create and promote cognitive learning experiences.

DDE Vision

  • To emerge as a World – Class hub of knowledge acquisition and skill development.
  • To provide Higher education to a vast majority of population with a unique learner-centric model of education.
  • To make distance education socially-relevant, industry- oriented, and inclusive in all respects.

DDE Mission

  • To achieve the status of Centre of Excellence in Distance Learning arena.
  • To be flexible and accessible to a vast majority of the adult learners.
  • To make learners accomplish a high degree of academic achievement and cherish their association with the SRM IST forever.
  • To develop a knowledge repository of international standard and to be relevant globally.
  • To be in the forefront in building human resources by fostering freedom, empowerment, creativity and innovations.
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