BBA In Banking & Finance Management or Finance related Courses

BBA In Banking & Finance Management or Finance related Courses

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BBA In Banking & Finance Management or Finance related Courses offered by Assam Down Town University

The BBA Banking & Finance at ADTU is one of the popular programs of the university offering a combination of banking and finance disciplines. This program will equip students with basic level knowledge about the banking and financial sectors. Several other subjects are covered in this degree program along with the specialisations. This Bachelors in Banking & Finance covers subjects like Capital and Money Markets, Bank Management, Financial Institutions and Financial Markets, etc.


Semester I
*Digital Computer Fundamentals
*Introduction to C Programming
*Introduction to Digital Electronics
*Introduction to Information Theory and Applications

Semester I
*Communication in English
*Computer Fundamentals
*Financial Accounting Management
*Marketing Management
*Organizational Behavior

Semester II
*Business Strategy
*Legal Regulatory Framework
*Management Information Systems
*Managing Financial Resources
*Quantitative Techniques in Business

Semester III
*Financial System and Auditing
*Introduction to Internet
*Management Accounting
*Quality Management
*Small business management

Semester IV
*Financial Reporting and Control (Accounts)
*Human Resource Management
*Managing Information
* Production & Operation Management

Semester V
*Capital and Money Markets
*Introduction to International Marketing
*Introduction to Technology Management
*Multinationals and their roles

Semester VI
*Bank Management
*Banking Law and Practice
*E-Commerce and Banking
*Financial Institutions and
*Financial Markets
*Foreign Exchange &
*Financing of Foreign Trade


$₹ 9500

Course Info

Duration: 3 Years

Type: UG

Approved By: UGC/DEB

College: Asam Down Town, University

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