PG Program In Machine Learning And Artificial Intellegence

PG Program In Machine Learning And Artificial Intellegence offered by IIIT Bangalore

Offered by: IIIT Bangalore

Duration- 11 Months | Management | Post Graduation
Affiliation: NA
Course Fees: Rs 2,85,000/-

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Lead the AI-driven technological revolution by upskilling yourself in cutting-edge concepts and applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The highly selective and rigorous 11-month online PG Program, co-developed by IIIT Bangalore and UpGrad aims to prepare professionals for advanced Data Science and Machine Leaning roles. This program will help you:

Learn Classification Algorithms, Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning and Graphical Models
Create intelligent solutions such as Chatbots, Smart Games and Image Classifiers
Participate in hackathons and develop a portfolio of industry projects

Following are some of the USPs of the program:

Cutting-edge Curriculum
Master advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts such as Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Graphical Models and Reinforcement Learning.

For the Industry, By the Industry
Learn the most advanced applications which are transforming companies such as Chat Bots, Image Classifiers, Intelligent Games. These projects are created in close collaboration with industry experts to help you develop an in-depth understanding of industry trends.

Career Guidance

Apply for suitable Data Science, Machine Learning and AI profiles through our career support. You will get 1:1 industry mentorship which will help you prepare for the roles of tomorrow.

The program has been built to give the participants exposure to the most advanced concepts in the field of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and in the process, produce extremely well-rounded Data Scientists and AI professionals. The curriculum, meticulously designed with inputs from the industry, will equip participants with deep knowledge of statistics, expertise in relevant tools/languages and understanding of cutting-edge algorithms and applications. The key areas of focus will be:

Course 0 – Pre-Program Preparation
Prepare yourself well for the journey ahead by picking up advanced skills in Python and SQL and revising key concepts in Mathematics

Course I – Statistics Essentials
Build a solid foundation in Statistics by learning Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing and Exploratory Data Analysis. Apply these concepts to solve business problems in banking, telecom and healthcare.

Course II – Machine Learning
Build machine learning models to solve real industry problems using supervised and unsupervised learning.

Course III – Natural Language Processing
Learn how to analyse unstructured text data to extract meaningful insights, build machine learning models to classify text data and write programs to understand human language.

Course IV – Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Learn how to use the power of deep learning models to solve complex machine learning problems in image, video and text analysis.

Course V – Graphical Models
Use graphs to model, analyse and solve complex business problems in applications across logistics, marketing and healthcare.

Course VI – Reinforcement Learning
Start your journey into the world of AI by creating bots which can play computer games.

Bachelor’ s/Master’s degrees in Computer Science/Engineering/Math/S
tatistics/Economics/Science with a minimum of 50% marks in graduation

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