Executive Certification Programme - Data Analytics


Executive Certificate Program in Data Analytics using R & Python with IIM Rohtak is the key to the next wave of management innovation, productivity, and growth. This Data Analytics Course will discuss various real-world scenarios where Analytics has been used to solve business problems and also explain how it helps in different domains.

Executive Certificate Program in Data Analytics with IIM Rohtak mostly envisages providing an introduction & advanced data analysis using the omnipresent spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel (depth majority coverage), and also one of the most popular and powerful open-source statistical and data analytics tools ‘R’ for handling and analyzing business analytics data to enable informed and fact-based managerial decision making.

The Executive Program in Data Analytics offered by the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak (IIM Rohtak) is a comprehensive and immersive course designed to equip seasoned professionals and executives with the indispensable skills and knowledge required to navigate the dynamic landscape of data-driven decision-making. In today’s rapidly evolving business ecosystem, data analytics has emerged as a pivotal force driving strategic insights and operational efficiencies. This program is meticulously crafted to bridge the gap between traditional business strategies and the transformative power of data analytics, catering specifically to the needs of executives seeking to harness the potential of data for informed decision-making and organizational growth.

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  • Understanding Analytics and its Role in the Organizations
  • Data Warehouse, OLAP and Pivot Table
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • What If/ Sensitivity Analysis
  • Simulations
  • Python Programming
  • Price Analytics
  • R Programming
  • Analytical Techniques for Business Intelligence – I
  • Analytical Techniques for Business Intelligence – II
  • Analytical Techniques for Business Intelligence – III
  • Analytical Techniques for Business Intelligence – IV
  • Analytical Techniques for Business Intelligence – V
  • Analytical Techniques for Business Intelligence – VI
  • Analytical Techniques for Business Intelligence – VII
  • Analytics Applications – I
  • Analytics Applications – II
  • Introduction to Big Data Analytics
  • Project Presentations
  • Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institute.
  • Corporate Nominated (graduation criteria may be considered for exemption in cases where participants have some prior experience in the similar domain).
  • Working Professionals with a minimum of 2 years of experience.
  • On a case-to-case basis, less experience can be considered.
Fee Structure

₹ 66,000/-  For 5 Months

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₹ 66,000/-  For 5 Months

Course Info

Duration: 5 Months

Type: Certificate

Approved By : AMBA-accreditation

College:  IIM Rohtak

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