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IIM Bangalore Executive General Management Program

The IIM Bangalore Executive General Management Program (EGMP) is a part-time certificate program designed for functional managers aspiring to move into a general management role to develop core business skills and competencies, which would equip them to handle issues involving cross-functional areas.

The EGMP brings together participants from diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences, thereby enabling peer learning. The eminent faculty of IIMB handles the curriculum. The EGMP participants involve themselves actively in case studies and discussions, role-play, games, etc. They benefit immensely through continuous learning and networking with peers from different backgrounds, during and after the programme.

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Programme Framework & Contents

Moving from delivering a functional strategy to responsibility for a business strategy requires a broad perspective and additional knowledge. The EGMP prepares participants for this challenging transition by focusing on the Business Environment, Individual and Organizational Competencies, Functional Knowledge (Key Business Areas), and Strategic Perspective.

Business Environment

An understanding of the fast-changing environment and its impact on business is crucial for success.

Topics include:

Business, Government, and Society
Managerial Economics (Micro & Macro)
Business Law
General Commercial Knowledge

Functional Knowledge

An appreciation of key concepts and activities within the primary management functional areas and interconnections among them is essential for aligning the functional areas with the business strategy.

Topics include:

Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Corporate Finance
Operations Management
Information Systems Management

Strategic Perspective

This module integrates the functional Knowledge gained earlier and allows the managers to take decisions and develop strategies that are appropriate for different environments.

Topics include:

Corporate Strategy & Innovation
Ethics and Governance
Business Simulation Game

Individual and Organizational Competencies

Continuous enhancement of individual and organizational competencies and business performance is crucial.

Topics include:

Org. Structures and Processes
Organizational Behavior and HR
Business Statistics
Resource Optimization

graduates with a minimum of 5 years’ experience
Fee Structure

₹ 6,25,000/-

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₹ 6,25,000/-  For 6 Months

Course Info

Duration: 6 Months

Type: Executive

Approved / Recognized By : UGC

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