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Executive MBA Degree Online and Distance learning in International Management

Leading digital transformation requires both an understanding of technologies driving the change, as well as the ability to lead the organisational transformation. A robust business model that is built on top of the technology is therefore the key to digital transformation and sustained value creation.

The companies can choose to develop new technologies with the customer needs in mind or build a product/ services and a business model with improvements to existing technologies. What approach should one adopt? This programme opens one’s mind to the different possibilities and provides a framework to analyse and come up with a blue print.

This programme has been conceived, designed and developed by IIMB in cooperation with FAU and Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated circuits to address the question of building transformational business models using technological advances.

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Programme Content:

1.Technologies aiding digital transformation (FAU in cooperation with Fraunhofer: Germany)

This module will focus on providing the business use cases of the various technologies aiding digital transformation, including (a) how technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet of Things are changing the way products are manufactured and distributed across the globe; (b) applications of big data, analytics, and cloud in the context of service differentiation; and (c) new business opportunities emerging out of technologies like the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Participants would be exposed to the basics of technologies, followed by field visits and talks by industry leaders on the business applications of today and the foreseeable future.

2. Value creation through innovative business models (FAU in cooperation with Fraunhofer: Germany)

Leveraging digital transformation for business value addition requires fundamental shifts in the way businesses add value. This module will introduce participants to the tools and frameworks for innovation, including shared value creation through iterative prototyping, and user & open innovation. With specific focus on innovation, participants would have the opportunity to experiment and co-create a few prototypes.

3. Intrapreneurship and business models (IIMB: Bangalore)

Corporate entrepreneurship, or intrapreneurship requires different mind-set and skills than regular entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour. The focus of this module would be to equip the participants with the competencies required to think like an entrepreneur, whilst working within a large and mature organization. As an integral part of the programme learning, participants would be required to prepare a business plan that would leverage their learning about technologies and business models before the end of the programme.

4. Individual Projects

Each participant would develop a business plan for his division or organisation based on the concepts learnt in the classroom.

5. Strategic thinking and leadership (IIMB: Bangalore)

Thinking strategically is one of the key competencies for managers to lead their organizations and ride the wave of digital transformation. This module seeks to develop participants’ strategic thinking. Delivered with the help of case analyses and field visits, this module will help participants explore and elucidate how technology can build and sustain competitive advantage for their respective firms. Coupled with strategic thinking, it is imperative that participants imbibe leadership competencies. Especially in the context of global supply chain and distributed work teams, it is imperative that managers possess appropriate inter-cultural and leadership competencies. This module will also assess and develop participants’ leadership competencies through psychometric analyses, simulations and games, and opportunity to work with cross-cultural teams.

Fee Structure

₹ 4,80,000/-

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₹ 4,80,000/-  For 6 Months

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Duration: 6 Months

Type: Executive

Approved / Recognized By : UGC

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