LL.M. in the branch of “Labour, Capital and Law”, shall consist of 4 core papers and 6 optional papers. The candidate has to study 3 core papers in the first year along with three optional papers. In the second, year the candidate is required to study one core paper with the remaining 3 optional papers and has to submit the dissertation. Details are as follows : The assignments are designed for continuous evaluation of the candidates. In each subject the candidates have to submit one assignemnt by Answering the Question Paper given to them. The assignments any 20 marks and year-end Theory Examinations carries 80 marks.
The assignments are to be written is candidates Own Handwriting and Submitted to the SDE as per the schedule given.
The main purpose of assignments is to test the comprehenssion of the learning materials. The information given in the printed coursematerial is sufficient to answer the assignments. However the candidates has to access other books/material in answering the assignments.
First Year Marks
Core Papers
Year of Exams Internal end
Paper-I : Law and Social Tranformation in India
Paper-II : Indian Constitutional Law : The New Challenges
Paper-III : Judicial Process
Optional Papers
Paper-IV : Collective Bargaining and Trade Unions
Paper-V : Wages Paper-VI : Industrial Adjudication. Second Year
Core Papers
Paper-I : Legal Education & Research Methodology
Optional Papers
Paper-II : Law relating to Civil Servants 20 80
Paper-III : Social Security Law
Paper-IV : Agricultural Labour
Paper-V : Dissertation


A Candidate should have Passed Bachelor of Law (BL/LLB) from Andhra University or any other University Recognized as equivalent thereto and they should reside in Andhra Pradesh. They need not submit (T.C.) Transfer Certificate and (M.C.) Migration Certificate for Admission into this Course



Course Info

Duration: 2 Years

Type: PG

Approved By: UGC/DEB

College: School of Distance Education, Andhra University

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