MA in Economics


At the end of the first year, the candidate has to appear for the Previous Examination. At the end of the Second Year, the candidate has to appear for the Final Examination.
The course consists of study of five papers each in both previous and final years. The following are the titles of the papers.
The following is the Scheme of Examination. Each paper carries 100 marks (including 20 marks for assignments) and is of 3 hours duration.
Part - I :
Paper : I Micro Economic Analysis
Paper : II Macro Economic Analysis
Paper : III Quantitative Methods
Paper : IV Public Economics
Paper : V Indian Economic Policy Final
The M.A. Final Examination at the end of second year shall consist of the following three compulsory papers and two optional papers.
Part - II :
Paper : I Economic Growth and Development
Paper : II International Trade and Finance
Paper : III Economics of Social Sector and Environment Optional Papers:
A Candidate shall choose any one out of A and B consisting of two papers under part III.
(A) Paper - IV Industrial Economics
Paper - V Labour Economics
(B) Paper - IV : Demography
Paper - V Economics of Gender and Development
(C) Paper-VI : Viva-Voce Examination


I Year : A Candidate seeking admission into the I Year M.A. Degree Course in Economics shall be required to have passed B.A. Degree (pass or Hons. or Special) with Economics as one of the subject. Note : Candidates who passed the qualifying examinations of other Universities which are recognised by Andhra University under 10 +2 + 3 or 11 + 2 + 3 or 11



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Duration: 2 Years

Type: PG

Approved By: UGC/DEB

College: School of Distance Education, Andhra University

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