Master Of Business Administration - Digital Finance & Banking Management


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Digital Finance & Banking is an advanced program designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to excel in the rapidly evolving field of finance and banking in the digital age. This comprehensive program integrates the principles of finance, banking, and cutting-edge digital technologies to prepare students for leadership roles in the financial services sector.

In this program, students will gain a deep understanding of the core concepts and theories of finance and banking, while also exploring the transformative impact of digitalization on these industries. Through a blend of theoretical coursework, practical case studies, and experiential learning opportunities, students will develop a strong foundation in finance and banking principles and acquire specialized knowledge in digital technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including financial management, investment analysis, risk management, financial markets and institutions, fintech innovation, digital payment systems, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and digital banking strategies. Students will analyze real-world business scenarios, engage in critical thinking, and develop strategic decision-making abilities to tackle complex financial challenges in the digital era.

Throughout the program, students will have access to industry experts, guest speakers, and networking opportunities, allowing them to establish valuable connections within the finance and banking sectors. The program also emphasizes practical skills development through hands-on projects, simulations, and internships, enabling students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings and develop a competitive edge in the job market.

Upon completion of the MBA in Digital Finance & Banking, graduates will be equipped to pursue a wide range of career paths in financial institutions, investment firms, fintech startups, consulting companies, regulatory bodies, and other related organizations. Whether aspiring to become financial analysts, investment managers, digital banking specialists, fintech consultants, or entrepreneurs, graduates will possess the skills and expertise to navigate the digital landscape and drive innovation in the finance and banking sectors.

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Bachelor’s Degree in science / engineering / business administration / commerce/ mathematics. Minimum marks of 50% marks for all candidates. Work experience preferred but not mandatory. The following entrance exams would be considered for exemption based on scores and validity of the exam. Valid for 1 year – CAT; MAT; CMAT; ATMA; XAT; – 50 percentile and above. Valid for 5 years – GRE; NMAT; GMAT. If you have not taken any of these exams, then you would need to take the Jindal Management Aptitude Test (JMAT).

Fee Structure

₹ 3,50,000/- For 2 Years

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₹ 3,50,000/- For 2 Years

Course Info

Duration: 2 Years

Type: Online MBA

Approved By: NAAC

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