MBA Marketing Management

MBA Marketing Management

About Course

An MBA in Marketing Management comprises of interdisciplinary subjects in Marketing and leadership. This program empowers students to become exceptional Management professionals with a specialisation in Marketing. This program covers several topics about marketing and management concepts and principles, from basic to advanced. It is best suited for people who aspire to have an MBA degree with a marketing specialisation. This Masters degree in Marketing Management covers topics like international marketing, advertising and sales promotion, industrial marketing, etc.


Semester I
*Business Communication
*Financial Accounting Management
*Human Resource Management
*Managerial Economics
*Managerial Practices & Organizational Behavior (MP&OB)

Semester II
*Financial Management
*Management Information Systems
*Marketing Management
*Operations Management
*Operations Research
*Project Management

Semester III
*Enterprise Resource Planning
*Legal Aspects of Business
*Management of Quality
*Managing E-business
*Production Planning & Control

Semester IV
*Advertisement & Sales Promotion
*Capital Markets
*Industrial Marketing
*International Marketing
*Principles and Practices of Management
*Product and Brand Management


$₹ 17000

Course Info

Duration: 2 Years

Type: PG

Approved By: UGC/DEB

College: Asam Down Town, University

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