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Harvard Business Publishing offers simulations that replicate real-world scenarios, allowing learners to gain practical experience. The program incorporates a comprehensive Learning Management System and a Flipped Learning Model to optimize learning outcomes. Additionally, it provides personalized learning through a unique Choice Based Credit System, enabling students to tailor their educational journey. The program also ensures extensive support through Student Relationship Managers who guide and assist students throughout their studies. Dedicated career support is offered, including virtual job fairs with over 100 hiring partners. The educational experience is truly global, with renowned international faculty contributing to the program.

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Semester 1 –

  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics for Management
  • Professional communication
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Marketing Management

Semester 2 –

  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Business Research Methods
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Management

Semester 3 –

  • Strategic Management
  • Minor Project
  • Professional Ethics

Semester 4 –

  • Major Project
  • Management in Action – Social Economic and Ethical Issues
  • Digital Marketing

Specialization –

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Management

Semester 3

  • Building Entrepreneurial Culture and Team
  • Enterprise Planning Appraisal and Financing
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Semester 4

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Leading Change in Family Business
  • Managing Innovation Process

International Business Management

Semester 3

  • -Global Commodity Trade
  • International Business and Practice
  • International Business Negotiation
  • International Currency Management
  • WTO and International Regulatory Environment

Semester 4

  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Global Outsourcing
  • Managing Business in Emerging Markets

Finance and Accounting Management

Semester 3

  • Corporate Tax Planning and Management
  • Cost and Management Accounting for Decision Making
  • Management of Financial Services
  • Project Planning Appraisal and Control
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Semester 4

  • Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Principles and Practices of Banking
  • Strategic Financial Management

Global Finance Management

Semester 3

  • Financial Modelling
  • Global Commodity Trade
  • International Currency Management
  • International Finance and Forex Management
  • Management of Financial Service

Semester 4

  • Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Financial Engineering
  • Risk and Insurance in International Trade

Hospitality Management

Semester 3

  • Accommodation Management
  • Catering Management
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Managing Front Office in Hospitality
  • Service Operation Management

Semester 4

  • Customer Relationship Management in Hospitality
  • Entrepreneurship development in Food Industry
  • Managing Room Revenue for Hospitality Industry

Insurance Management

Semester 3

  • Fire Insurance and Consequential Loss Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Motor Insurance and Underwriting
  • Principles and Practices of General Insurance
  • Principles and Practices of Life Insurance

Semester 4

  • Group Insurance and Retirement Benefit Schemes
  • Miscellaneous and Agriculture Insurance
  • Practice of Life Insurance Underwriting

Marketing and Sales Management

Semester 3

  • Bottom of The Pyramid Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Direct Marketing
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Product and Brand Management

Semester 4

  • Advertising And Sales Promotion
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing of Services

Petroleum and Natural Gas Management

Semester 3

  • Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Business
  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration
  • Petro Economics
  • Project Management
  • Technology Management and Innovation

Semester 4

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Environment and Carbon Finance
  • Fundamentals of Refining

Human Resource Management

Semester 3

  • Compensation and Reward Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Measurement in Human Resource
  • Recruitment Selection and Retention
  • Strategic Human Resource Management

Semester 4

  • Leadership and Motivation in Organization
  • Managerial Counselling
  • Training and Development

Information Technology Management

Semester 3

  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • E – Business and Trade
  • IT Project Management
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Web Enabled Business Process

Semester 4

  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Information Security and Risk Management
      • For Students with Indian Education

      Candidates must have completed Graduation Degree

      Applicant must possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of English Language.


      • For Students with Foreign Education

      Candidates must have completed Graduation Degree

      Certificate of equivalence from association of Indian Universities required from students with foreign education to apply in any university in INDIA.

Fee Structure

₹ 1,75,000/-  For 2 Years

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₹ 1,75,000/-  For 2 Years

Course Info

Duration: 2 Years

Type: Online MBA

Approved / Recognized By : UGC

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