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An MBA in Marketing is a graduate degree in business administration with a focus on marketing. It is a study that looks at a lot of different things and focuses on getting people ready to work in business. Depending on how long the course is and how many hours it has, it usually takes two years to finish. It is one of the most popular courses for people with a bachelor’s degree, which can be in any field or combination of subjects. An MBA school can teach you about general management, economics, entrepreneurship, human resources, and management consulting, among other things. Getting an MBA in marketing will help you become a higher-level boss.

Students who study marketing generally look at how customers act and what kinds of things make them most likely to buy a product. In other words, marketing teaches you enough to know the difference between what people want and what they need. During the process, you find out what a customer wants and make sure they have what they need.

People who already have a bachelor’s degree and want to learn more about management can get an Online MBA in Human Resource Management. A bachelor’s degree in any field is required to apply for an online MBA in HR management. People are the world’s most important treasure. An HR professional’s job is to find new talent for a business or group and look out for the employees’ well-being. With an MBA in HRM, you can learn how to look at the industry as a whole, how to make deals with workers, how to examine the work of the industry, how to make sure employees are happy and healthy, and so on. During the course, you will learn about things like marketing, organizational structure, human resource management, finance, corporate behavior, and so on. Students will learn everything they need to know about handling people in these classes.


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  • Graduates in any discipline are eligible for this course.
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₹ 90,000/- For 2 years

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₹ 90,000/- For 2 years

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Duration: 2 Years

Type: Online MBA

Approved / Recognized By : UGC,NAAC

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