Online MBA in Digital Marketing


What is an Online MBA in Digital Marketing? This degree prepares students for career in business marketing utilizing present day digital tools, like internet advertising, specialized apps, social media advertising and content creation. Students in this program can have an effect utilizing their imaginative abilities while developing their business intuition. Classes might incorporate advertising management, brand strategy, advancement of applications for use on the web and cell phones, financial aspects and online media strategies.A graduate who holds a MBA in Digital Marketing might be shocked by the quantity of profession valuable open doors accessible. Potential work titles include senior manager of online e-commerce marketing, digital marketing specialist, leader in advertising and media technique, brand licensing manager or business expert. This field is developing and evolving quickly, and it is exceptionally serious, which gives alumni of an internet based MBA program a benefit while looking for another position.

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Semester 1 –

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Marketing Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics for Management
  • Professional communication

Semester 2 –

  • Business Research Methods
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Management
  • Legal Aspects of Business

Semester 3 –

  • Professional Ethics
  • Strategic Management
  • Minor Project

Specialization 1 –

  • Marketing & Marketing Management
  • How is Digital Marketing different from Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing Channels Websites and Apps
  • What is an Online Product?

Specialization 2 –

  • Social Media Introduction
  • Key componentsof E-mail marketing AdTech & MarTech
  • Platforms & Data Ecosytems
  • Mobile App Marketing

Specialization 3 –

  • SEO
  • Display Advertising
  • Content Marketing

Specialization 4 –

  • Customer Centricity
  • Managing Customers According to Lifetime Value in Contractual and Non-Contractual Setting
  • Donor Behaviour
  • Acquiring Customers and Creating and Measuring their Value
  • Retention, Attritionand Development

Semester 4 –

  • Management in Action – Social Economic and Ethical Issues
  • Digital Marketing
  • Major Project

Specialization 5 –

  • Introduction to data collection, market research and analysis
  • Regression analysis: modelling cause and effect
  • Conjoint analysis: valuing attributes and measuring preference
  • Social media analytics
  • Viral Marketing Assumptions, Viral Marketing

Specialization 6 –

  • Consumer Psychology: Exposure, Perception, Memory
  • What Makes Ideas Sticky
  • How Social Influence Shapes Behavior
  • The Power of Word of Mouth (STEPPS)
  • Social Networks

For Students with Indian Education

  • Candidates must have completed Graduation Degree
  • Applicant must possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of English Language.

For Students with Foreign Education

  • Candidates must have completed Graduation Degree
  • Certificate of equivalence from association of Indian Universities required from students with foreign education to apply in any university in INDIA.
Fee Structure

₹ 1,79,000/- For 2 Years

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₹ 1,79,000/- For 2 Years

Course Info

Duration: 2 Years

Type: PG

Approved By: UGC

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