PG Diploma in Business Administration

PG Diploma in Business Administration

About Course

The objective of Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration program at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is to help participants pursue leadership positions in competitive business environments. The curriculum has been designed by a selected panel of business professionals and prominent academicians and focuses extensively on business case studies and examples.

The PGDBA program structure is based on compulsory core courses and specialisations. The first two semesters focus on core courses. Students can then choose two electives from a long list of possible specialisations. The program includes six specialisations: Marketing, Finance, Management Accounting, HR, Operations and Customer Relationship Management. Students have an option of dual specialisation for multidisciplinary approach.

At Symbiosis, we help students create their path for a successful career and surge ahead of competition. Experienced academicians and guest lecturers from industry, dynamic content and live online sessions make learning at SCDL one of its kind and highly rewarding.


Semester - I
1. Principles & Practices of Management (PPM)

1. Business - the Purpose of Management
2. Designing Organization for Business
3. Need for Managing Organization and Business
4. Management of Standard Functions
5. Managing Resources
6. Planning
7. Decision Making
8. Organizing
9. Staffing
10. Leading: Directing • Communicating • Motivating
11. Controlling
12. Coordinating (Synchronizing)
13. Evolution of Management Thought
14. Pursuing Managerial Career

2. Organization Behaviour

1. Historical Evolution of Organisational Behaviour
2. Understanding Organisational Behaviour:
3. Perception
4. Personality
5. Attitudes
6. Motivation: The Driving Forces of Human Behaviour
7. Work Motivation Theories
8. Morale
9. Work and Conditions of Work
10. Conflict Management
11. Group Dynamics
12. Stress Management
13. Leadership
14. Management of Organisational Change
15. Organisational Culture
16. Organisational Power and Politics

3. Management Accounting

1. Introduction To Accounting
2. Basics of Financial Accounting
3. Process of Accounting
4. Cost Accountancy (Basic Concepts and Principles)
5. Elements of Costs
6. Material Costs
7. Labour Costs
8. Overhead Costs
9. Marginal Costing
10. Budgetary Control
11. Standard Costing

4. Managerial Economics

1. Introduction to Managerial Economics
2. Profit
3. Demand
4. Elasticity of Demand
5. Demand Forecasting
6. Supply Analysis
7. Production and Costs – I
8. Production and Costs – II
9. Pricing and Output Determination Under Perfect Competition
10. Imperfect Competition
11. Pricing Methods or Pricing Practices
12. Cost Benefit Analysis
13. Macro Economic Analysis

5. Business Law

1. Indian Contract Act, 1872 – Part I
2. Indian Contract Act, 1872 – Part II
3. Special Types of Contracts
4. Partnership Act, 1932
5. Sale of Goods Act, 1930
6. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
7. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986
8. Companies Act, 2013


Bachelor's degree holder / Graduate in anydiscipline from a recognised University.† International / SAARC Graduate from arecognised / accredited University / Institution.† Students who have appeared for final year ofexamination of their bachelor's degree programand are awaiting results can also apply, subject tosuccessfully completing their bachelor's degreeprogram / graduation within the time periodspecified by SCDL.


$₹ 40,000

Course Info

Duration: 2 Years

Type: PG

Approved By: UGC/DEB

College: Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning

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