Post Graduate Diploma - Finance Management


The Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management (PGDM) program at Nalanda Open University is a comprehensive and rigorous course designed to prepare individuals for a successful career in finance. This program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and strategic insights required to navigate the complex and dynamic world of finance effectively.

Program Highlights:

  1. Financial Fundamentals:
    • This foundational course covers essential financial concepts and principles, providing students with a strong grounding in finance.
  2. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management:
    • Students will learn how to analyze investment opportunities, build portfolios, and make informed investment decisions to maximize returns while managing risks.
  3. Financial Markets and Institutions:
    • Explore the structure and functioning of financial markets and institutions, including stock exchanges, banks, and regulatory bodies.
  4. Corporate Finance:
    • Gain an understanding of financial management within organizations, covering topics such as capital budgeting, financing decisions, and risk management.

The PGDM in Finance Nalanda Open University course’s main goal is to familiarize students with the financial issues that plague business organizations and to give them the tools they need to discover appropriate solutions. Students will be prepared in the specialist areas of finance

management practices, such as managing fixed capital, managing working capital, managing profits, etc. The main goal of the financial management course is to better equip students to understand financial statements, accounting practices, how they apply to business houses, how to manage working capital, how to analyze financial investments, etc.

  • Working Capital Management
  • Capital Investment and Financing Decision
  • Management Control System
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • International Financial Management
  • Management of Financial Services
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Fee Structure

₹5,500/- For 1 years

  • 25% discount for women candidates on all course fees
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₹ 5,500/- For 1 years

Course Info

Duration: 1 Years

Type: Diploma

Approved / Recognized By : UGC

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