Distance MBA in HR Management: Trends to master: HR Tech

Distance MBA in HR Management: Trends to master: HR Tech

In the current global environment companies are trying to wade their way through uncertainties. Human capital becomes a key pillar for their strategy. With fast changing technology, employee skills gap is widening. Attracting good talent and retaining existing talent are the two key focus areas Human Resource department has. These tasks are easier said than done. Here, technology can play a crucial role in assisting HR managers.

Traditionally HR folks are users of technology. However with current depth and width of technology penetration, it will not be surprising if HR team members started becoming technologist very soon. When one is pursuing or want to pursue a distance MBA program in Human Resource (HR) management, understanding various applications of technology and latest trends become important.

Here are some of the key trends in HR technologies.

Recruitment Marketing

Because of internet and social media there is lot of information available about the companies, their culture, business practices etc. About 75% job applicants go to internet and check reputation of the company before applying. So it has become imperative for any organization or especially HR departments to use social media and related avenues to build online-brand as a good employer to attract talent.

Companies regularly post engaging contents on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter with the aim of promoting their reputation and brand. Newsletter, informative blogs, interaction on forums go a long way in building such a reputation. Now-a-days HR department is actively involved in use of such marketing techniques to attract the best talent. This is called recruitment marketing.

Digital Experience

Today digital transformation is the buzz word. Automation is slowly taking the key processes of any business in its stride. For example, most of the steps in a recruitment process are at the verge of getting automated with very little human intervention. There are technologies available which can automate right from screening of a resume to the interview.

As consumers of a digital recruitment process, candidate expect to have an engaging experience. Hence companies have started using technologies chat bots, video interviews, resume screening based on text analytics etc. to give better, seamless digital experience to its potential employees.

Learning and Development

Technologies are rapidly changing in the digital world. The digital technologies like cloud, social media, mobile, analytics, internet of things (IoT) are disrupting every business and job role. It is becoming evident that future skills would be very different from currently trending ones. Some of the future jobs aren’t even created yet.
HR is facing the challenge to create future workforce in such fluid situation. Learning and development team is entrusted with responsibility of creating a workforce which can not only take up the current business challenges but also be ready for the future.

In the current situation, continuous and life-ling learning is becoming a key. Here technology is the key element in developing training interventions which are more engaging, easy to monitor, more scalable and at lower cost. Here approaches like gamification of learning, gadgets with virtual reality and augmented reality, micro learning, video-based learning are used through various technology platforms. These and newer innovative methods will keep on getting more and more traction as talent crunch becomes more severe.

Data is new electricity – Satya Nadela, CEO Microsoft

HR Analytics

Data has become a very critical elements of today’s data-driven functions. HR is no exception. Every process in HR starting from recruitment, tracking attendance, performance management and promotions etc. can be data driven. Machine learning algorithms can help to do useful predictions based on the data collected at various points in the processes. These predictions can be about likely attrition, job changes etc. so that early action can be taken by concerned team to retain the employee.

Employee Wellbeing

Happy and engaged employees are asset to any organization. Health of employees is a prime concern because of the current lifestyle changes. HR is undertaking various initiatives for good health of the staff.

But, beyond health there are certain other aspects of wellbeing. Some companies have started putting added focus on addressing their employee’s emotional, professional, financial needs too. With the latest technology wearable and availability of data from software platforms, it will be possible to provide support to employees, whenever needed, so as to avoid burnouts.

Change in the measuring engagement

Organizations are taking non-traditional routes to measure employee engagement. Rather than just surveys at the end of the year, organizations would track some non-conventional parameter like employee movement, tracking their habits of spending time, the way emails are used etc.
With technology, engagements can be further improved based on employee preferences.

Remote workforce
Organizations are spreading globally. They can always access talent which is available at remote locations due to advancement in technology. Indian IT companies grew their business in IT infrastructure space through what is called as remote infrastructure management services( RIM). Not only infrastructure, but other services also can be provided from remote locations across the world.

HR would have responsibility to mitigate the challenges of managing productivity, enhancing engagement of this remotely working staff.

A 2018 study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that 75 percent of surveyed companies now have at least one HR process in the cloud. 

Growth of Cloud and HR IT Role

As technology is advancing at rapid pace, a specialized role is coming into being called human resource information technology specialist. The organizations have started adopting more complex IT environments. More and more companies are deploying their processes on cloud.

What is in there for a distance MBA in HR management?

Technology is one of the key element of HR strategy. Knowing the technology trends is a vital piece knowledge for success in getting the job. Going further, someone may develop interest in such technologies and can venture into specializing in them along with HR domain. And this can prove to be a lethal combination for a career leap.

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