Distance MBA Why, Who, Where

Distance MBA traditionally has been opted by working professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge & skills to enhance in their career. The basic objective for opting a Distance MBA has been to pursue the course along with their job or any other profession.

Why we should opt for Distance MBA

  • With Distance MBA you can learn while you earn. The biggest advantage of pursuing a Distance MBA is you can study while you are working in any organization or are into any business. It gives you the convenience to attend important lectures through videos available as e material in the evening or even on a weekend.
  • Distance MBA programs are comparatively affordable than the regular on campus programs. Distance MBA programs in some institutes also has a flexibility for payment of fees module or semester wise. The learners who have financial constraints, Distance MBA proves to be an economically viable option.
  • Distance MBA programs saves your time as you don’t have to travel for attend any lectures. The study material is right there on your desk or on your computer. Now with technology advancement you can even attend important lectures online at ease with your choice of timings.
  • Distance education gives you an opportunity to learn at your own pace. Learning ways and learning speed may different for individuals. Compared to traditional MBA program where everyone is taught together and you have to catch up with the speed of mentors & other leaners, Distance MBA has an advantage to decide your speed of learning. The course material in an Distance MBA program is available with you so you can decide on your daily schedule of learning and plan to complete the course work in the given time. Further you have options to solve your queries as and when required by interacting with the mentors through chat, voice call and email video call.
  • Distance MBA programs from recognized institutes & Universities are accepted in State, Central government and also in the private sector for employment opportunities. In fact many private sector companies encourage their employees to pursue Distance MBA, in many such organizations, the company sponsors their employees for such programs. The Distance MBA programs are also considered for promotion of the employees in their verticals.

Who should opt for Distance MBA

  • Any Individual learner who wants to upgrade his / her knowledge and skills and enhance themselves in their respective career should opt for Distance MBA program.
  • Business owners to grow their business in a systematic way with a planned and learned approach should think about taking a Distance MBA course.
  • Housewives doing some home based business or consultancy work should opt for Distance MBA course.
  • IT professionals who are technically strong but lack the management skills should take up a Distance MBA program.

Where should we do a Distance MBA course.

The pandemic scenario has created a big impact on the teaching learning process. Today the view and importance of the online and distance education has gained acknowledgement from the society, government and even the corporate sector.

Adapting to the changing scenario many institutes / Universities have started offering the Distance MBA programs.

At present more than 100 institutes / Universities are offering Distance MBA programs this gives an opportunities to the learners to choose from variety of institutes and variety of courses offered which suits their desire. This also leads to confusion while choosing the institute / University and course to pursue.

Choosing the right institute / University and off course the program is a challenge for the individual learners so you check the following parameters and evaluate to choose the right option.

  • Check whether the institute / University is recognized by UGC DEB (Distance Education Bureau.
  • Check since how long the institute / University is offering programs in Distance mode.
  • Check the legacy of the institute / University
  • Check the program which you want to pursue is offered by the institute/ University
  • Check the content of the program
  • Check whether the program offered is a MBA or PGDBM program
  • Check faculty mentors associated with the Institute / University
  • And lastly check the fee and other facilities provided

Ideally you can do a comparison of at least 3 to 5 institutes & programs and take the final decision.

So guys go ahead upgrade yourself and achieve greater heights in your desired career.

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