Doing Career in International Business Management with Distance MBA

Doing Career in International Business Management with Distance MBA

Now-a-days, not a single growing business can remain in the confines of a single country. Businesses are cannot function and grow in isolation. Every business is being impacted by global environment. Expanding horizons to multiple countries is becoming crucial to take competitive advantage of home country or the destination.

Many multinational companies are setting up their shops in India. On similar lines, Indian companies have also started venturing into setups at foreign countries. As businesses are expanding, demand for skilled managers in the area of international business has started growing. One can aspire to become a manager for international operations. There are many Programs like distance MBA in international business management which can help such aspiring candidates.

To understand what this role of international business manager entails, we surveyed job profiles on various job sites. Job profiles showed different designations and various responsibilities an international business manager carries out. Here are some of the samples.

Exports manager

  • Look after business development in various markets in different countries
  • Management of Exports Sales
  • Soliciting enquiries for business across countries
  • International Market and Factory visits for finding potential partners and customers
  • Responding to Request for Quotation queries
  • Manage pre-sales & post-sales being a single point of contact
  • Ensuring adherence to payment terms
  • Liaison with customers/ international partners for customization requirements of product or a project

Manager Export Import

  • Possesses in-depth knowledge of imports, exports and banking.
  • Should be able to assist the directors/business leaders for routine international business.
  • Manages entire import/export process for various projects
  • Ensures compliance with applicable foreign government laws and any regulations.
  • Manages transportation of goods to/from foreign destinations including customs documentation
  • Oversees the paperwork and monetary transactions associated with international distribution
  • Handle any issues with customs/ government officials.
  • Manages team for day-to-day operations
  • Preparing Pre shipments documents for Manufacturer Exporter and Trading Exporter.
  • Handle Project Exports shipments
  • Manage exports of goods done for the purpose of exhibition purpose and Re-export.
  • Co-ordination with marketing and projects departments for any international shipments
  • Preparing Post shipments documents
  • Co-ordination with Bank for negotiation of export documents.
  • Informing consignee for the dispatch of shipping documents from bank.
  • Approving checklist of shipping bill related to data of export invoice.
  • Co-ordination with clearing agent for timely clearance of cargo.
  • Co-ordination with shipping line for less transit time, ETA & ETD.
  • Proper stuffing planning for Dock stuffing export shipments.
  • Co-ordinate with plant and warehouse authorities for export shipments.
  • Negotiate freight rates for sea and air shipments with vendors.
  • Prepare comparison statement for freight rates
  • Maintain export register.

Business Executive Imports

  • Sending Import documents to authorities CHA before arrival of cargo and ensure to clear the goods without demurrage and detention.
  • Follow-up with accounts department for custom duty and other charges.
  • Approving checklist of bill of entry related to custom duty, factory address for modvat and other data of import invoice.
  • Informing plant for arrival of goods in advance and follow-up with plant for unloading the goods in time.
  • Handle Re-import shipments.
  • Maintaining Import Register.

International Business Development Manager

  • Developing a growth strategy focused for international business segment on financial parameters as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Need experience in selling to the US clients/ UK clients especially B2B Software Sales.
  • Coordinating business meetings with potential clients from US and UK
  • Promote the company’s products/services to potential foreign clients
  • Keep various documentations and records of sales, revenue, invoices etc.
  • Build long-term relationships and connect with new and existing customers.
  • Excellent in communication skill.

Marketing Development Manager for International Business

  • Creating awareness and brand positioning
  • Marketing of various products and services to potential foreign markets
  • Co-ordination, planning and execution of ATL & BTL activities.
  • Regular market surveys & meetings with the potential partners like Importers and wholesalers.
  • Identify prospective clients through various means like foreign embassies, internet etc.
  • Perform market research and competition analysis
  • Planning and coordinating new product launches in selected countries
  • Design up-Selling strategies to existing clients
  • Pre & Post shipments follow up regarding quality

Development Manager for International Business

  • Developing new vendors and manufacturers in selected markets/countries for needed products.
  • Implementing Business growth strategies and partner/ alliance management activities.
  • Search for new and innovative products across international markets.
  • Identifying and researching the Indian markets for new potential products based on customer tastes and competitor analysis.
  • Negotiating on price and costs, delivery terms and specifications with vendors and manufacturers.
  • Finalize Business Terms, Agreement and Commercials with international vendors/manufacturers.
  • Making product demonstrations and presentations to potential customers/vendors
  • Coordinate with different departments to make sure timely deliverables for foreign customers

What makes international business manager different?

If you go through all these job profiles carefully, you would notice some peculiarities. International business manager has very similar responsibilities as a domestic business manager. The only apparent difference one may see is dealing with international customers instead of domestic. However, that is not the only difference.

Once you change the market and customer focus to international, it becomes complex due to nuances of various markets in different countries. To be able to handle international operations well, one needs to be aware of many things in the host country i.e. the country where we want to do business. The manager needs to know laws, rules and regulations of the country, how financial transactions are done, what are preferences of people and cultural differences etc.

All these aspects make international business more challenging and interesting. To purse such career in-depth knowledge about all these aspects can be acquired by pursuing a program like distance MBA in international business management.

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