Frequently Asked Questions

Click ‘Register’ on the top right corner of the page and you will see a registration form. This will take you hardly 2 minutes to fill up. Just submit your information, verify your mobile number and enjoy the various benefits of being a SimpliDistance member.

Yes, mobile number is needed to verify and complete your registration and also ensure account safety.

Editing your SimpliDistance account profile information is very simple. Here’s how to do it:

Email id cannot be changed as it is mapped to your account at the time of registration. However, you can choose to add your alternate email id in your ‘Personal Information’ section. The other option is to simply create a new SimpliDistance account with your new email id that you wish to use.

To change your password, Go to your account homepage and click ‘Settings’. Now you can change or replace your new password and save.

Go to your ‘Profile’ page, click ‘Edit’ (top right corner) on the ‘Personal Information’ section and then change your new mobile number. Please remember to click ‘Save’.

You can update your profile information divided into four sections – Personal Information, Educational Background, Work Experience (if applicable) and Communication Settings.

You can change or update your ‘Communication Preferences’ under ‘Settings’ to start or stop receiving email notifications from SimpliDistance. This is useful mail, especially delivered to your inbox to serve your information needs such as college application deadlines, exam dates, prep tips etc. based on your profile. In case you no longer need this service, you may uncheck the box under ‘Communication Preferences’.

Update Photo option is seen if you point the mouse over your profile photo box. You can select this and upload your image.

No. Apart from your full name, mobile no. and email id, the rest of the fields are optional. However, the page asks for only necessary information and adding these details will help create a complete profile page for you and help us cater to your information needs better.

For getting regular updates you will have to register as a member on our website which free of cost. On becoming a registered member, you will get regular updates about not only about new courses, Universities/ Institutes but also latest industry trends and updates on policies.

You have adequate control on your SimpliDistance profile privacy. The fields that have a privacy icon (eye) next to them can be set on or off by you to show or hide those details from public view.

SimpliDistance is India’s only portal dedicated to distance education with authentic information of 1000+ UG PG courses, 500+ certification courses & more than 100 Universities/institutes.

With information of more that 2000 UG/PG, Diploma & Certificate courses the visitor has a choice in selecting the right course depending upon his/her background. You also have a choice to compare on the basis of courses/ universities.

You can even take expert advice by raising your query in the Q&A section or by choosing personal guidance through our guidance feature.

If you are searching for a particular course or University / institute, you just have to enter its name in the search box on top of SimpliDistance homepage. As you start typing, you’ll see a dropdown, you can select the name of your desired course/University/ Institute from this menu as well.

The other way is to search for colleges by categories – Management, Technology, Design, Law and Other Courses – shown on the Top global navigation bar. Under each of these respective categories, you can search – Popular Courses, by Location, and even Compare courses /Universities & institutes.

Yes, you have the option to unsubscribe. You can do this by unchecking the box shown under ‘Communication Preferences’ on your Profile homepage.

If you have any feedback or suggestions to share for the website, you can write it in the feedback section or alternatively send an email to feedback@simplidistance.com

If you want add information of your University/ institute, please fill up the form in add University/institute section our support team will get in touch with you.

If you want to modify/update information of your University/ institute, please fill up the form in add University/institute section our support team will get in touch with you.

We have multiple options of advertising which have Guaranteed rise in user interaction and click through rate. Just fill up the inquiry form & our sales team will meet you with multiple options as per your requirement.