Which Distance MBA degree should I go for? – criteria for choice of the MBA degree program


Some working professionals who were undergoing the distance MBA course held a discussion regarding the various reasons that led them to join the course. These professionals revealed the following reasons to join this course:

  • Professional 1 had recently got promoted and felt the need of more skills to manage people.
  • Professional 2 said that one of his colleagues had recommended the course to him.
  • Professional 3 commented that she had a work experience of five years and was aiming for career advancement. So, her plan was to do her job and the distance MBAdegree simultaneously.
  • Professional 4 believed that an education in business will definitely help him to understand the dynamics of business.
  • Professional 5 was sure that the knowledge gained while doing this course will enable her to be a more efficient leader in the current job.

All the above points are a few of the several advantages of completing this course. When people do MBA in the distance mode, they can handle their family responsibilities, studies and work in an efficient manner. These distance-mode MBA courses have flexibility and affordability with freedom from any geographic location bindings. When an individual wants to join such a course, the individual should consider the following criteria while making a decision about joining this course.

Repute of the institute

One of the most prominent features of a distance college or university is the reputation of the institute. The experience of the faculty members, the facilities provided to the enrolled students and the industry connection are some factors that decide this reputation. So, it is essential for course seekers to compare various institutes such as NMIMS and Symbiosis and others for the various factors that lead to the reputation.

Flexibility of time management

Course seekers should find out information about the structure of the course. The schedule should have enough flexibility that allows students to balance other tasks. There can also be flexibility in selection of subjects and the number of examinations that students can appear in a specific period. After knowing all the schedules of subjects and examinations, course seekers can plan their schedule to match the course schedule.

Learning opportunities

In a distance MBA course, students form peer groups. The members of various groups interact with one another on various platforms. They are social media platforms and professional networking platforms, among others. Students can share their information, knowledge and opportunities with one another. The result is that there is continuous learning. This type of learning provides an emotional push and boosts self-confidence. After your confidence increases, you become ready to take up larger challenges, which in turn develops a healthy self-esteem. In this process, students get opportunities to develop a well-rounded personality and the most-needed soft skills. Post this development, they can generate more value for their organisation.


The business market is continuously changing. The job opportunities are increasing at a rapid speed and are accompanied by newer job opportunities. So, even veteran professionals have to be on their toes and upskill themselves intermittently. Due to the Covid pandemic, the mode of operation of businesses has changed completely. The impact on professional courses is that they must be upgraded as per the trends in the market. Some instances of modern trends are analytics, digital marketing and data handling. These instances have undergone development in every business segment. An example is Human Resource Analytics. This is a way by which Human Resource Managers can function as Human Resource Business Partners. Course seekers should find information about the skills that they would acquire after completing this distance MBA course.

Significance of the program

While students are doing the distance MBA degree, they have to sharpen their skills of decision-making, proactiveness, time management and execution and balancing all of these with management of job responsibilities. So, you cultivate a behaviour during the course, and such a behaviour is valued by many employers. These employers assign you a high score when these skills become known during an interview. In today’s market, recruiters are in need of people who have these skills. Therefore, while the distance course is in progress, students should continuously practice these with goal-orientation, which is proof of their commitment and determination.

Teaching methodology

In a distance course, there exist the following learning styles: auditory, visual and gamification. Each learner finds a specific style suitable to his/her personality. A fourth type is where learners find it suitable to learn while doing and experimenting. In gamification, the designers generate certain games based on theoretical concepts. Students have to become a part of these games to go through the concepts. This is an innovative methodology, which has the benefits of expansion of imagination and enhancement of concentration on the solutions to the problems at hand.

Use of technology for program delivery

Presently, program delivery is done through different Learning Management Systems (LMSs). Faculties can use these interactive platforms to share educational materials with students.


When you plan to join a distance MBA degree, you should collect data about the above six criteria for the various distance colleges and universities. After due consideration of this data, you can opt for a distance MBA degree that is in tune with your career goals and challenges you to be an efficient modern business leader who has expertise in decision-making, problem-solving, and creativity.


While taking admission to any of the distance MBA courses if you consider the above points then surely you will get a great platform to shape your career and reach the career goals that you are planning to have for yourself. The reputed institutions will provide you with an opportunity to groom yourself. It will provide you with a platform where you are challenged and hence you may become a more creative, efficient problem-solver, decision-maker, and efficient modern business leader. Make a smart choice today by choosing the right kind of course for yourself!

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