Why Project Management Career with distance MBA can be a right choice for you?

Why Project Management Career with distance MBA can be a right choice for you?

We live in what is called a VUCA world. That is, the world is Volatile, Uncertain,Complex and Ambiguous. Geopolitical scene, economic crisis and disruption in new technologies at unprecedented speed are affecting everyone. Existing business models are broken and people are re-inventing new models.

Automation taking everything in its stride, threatening to eliminate most of the repetitive jobs. How one can re-skill and up-skill oneself to keep one’s job and grow in the current challenging job market? If we look at one of the role in which demand is growing is of project management. One can easily pursue the career with options available like distance MBA in project management. Let us explore why Project management career may be a good choice for you in the current situation.

Project management is becoming strategically important

To stay ahead in the current competition, innovation has become the necessity for every business. These innovation projects are of strategic importance. With the project manager at the helm of such projects is very critical. He/She is responsible for connecting dots and mapping strategy to on-ground action.

More industry sectors are using Project Management

Importance of project management is global economy is on the rise. Many sectors like healthcare has started using more project management than was used traditionally.

Rapidly developing economies

In the world currently India and China are the two most rapidly developing economies. They need a lot of project management professionals to manage new projects.

Better Salaries

Demand for project managers is increasing. Projects are becoming more and more complex due to changing technologies. Project manager tend to draw better salaries than others.

You can get promoted in your current organization

Everybody gets bored of doing the same type of work. If you are fade up of routine work and plan to embark on going out and trying to do some management role, learning project management is one of the best options. You can acquire these skills through any distance MBA program. Apply them in your next assignment. Such efforts when noticed by your bosses and seniors, chances of you getting promoted as project manager are high.

With distance MBA, you can switch to a different industry

Not happy or satisfied in the current job. Want to change the field. You are not only one, there are many who are thinking like you. There might be many reasons why on would want to switch another industry. Pursuing distance project management would be a good option to prepare oneself to grow in the career by switching the industry / sector.

First you will need to master the generic or sector agnostic skills in project management. Then you would be ready to take up responsibility of managing projects in a different sector of your choice. Pick up domain specific nuances while on the job and you are good to go.

New and Challenging things everyday

Project management discipline is not specific to any sector or industry. Every project is different. If you want challenges, want to learn new things, project management is the way. Every new project means new team members, new stakeholders and new vendors/contractors. There would be new challenging technologies and products which you will learn while executing the project. If you are of the type who constantly search for novelty and change, this can be a right choice for you.

You can grow as Project Manager without leaving you job

Some people are handling project coordination, planning, communication activities as part of their current job. It makes lot of sense to take upon responsibilities of project management in step by step manner. You acquire newer skills through training and apply them in you day to day work. A distance mba in project management program can come for your rescue in such situation. You may not have to leave your current job and still acquire cutting-edge skills in this discipline. There is almost no risk in this deal as there is no downside. If you master the project management skills and demonstrate them in your current role, you would be just inches away from your promotion and financial growth.

Clearly visible Career growth

With distance MBA in project management you can enhance your credentials with an additional qualification. In the course, you would be studying key knowledge areas of project management like project planning, managing stake holders, scheduling, monitoring, risk management, project closure etc. This will help you to prepare yourself for global certifications like CAPM, PRINCE2 or PMP.

On an annualized basis, employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 MILLION project-oriented roles each year through 2027 – according to PMI’s job growth and talent gap report.

If you have become stagnant in your career and looking for something very challenging, project management can be the career choice which you may consider. With changing dynamics of economy, world politics and technology, project management is becoming more and more important. You may coming from any industry or sector, project management would create many opportunities for you to fulfill you dream.

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